Google recently announced that iGoogle will be discontinued on Nov. 1, 2013. Using Netvibes is a good way to move all your RSS feeds into a personalized dashboard.  Its easy as 1,2,3 

Here are 3 easy steps to making Netvibes your new home…


1. Grab. First, check that you are logged into iGoogle and that you have RSS feeds (some iGoogle apps like CNN are widgets, not real RSS feeds). Then download this link.

2. Convert. Open the file and paste code portion into the box below. Click “Convert to OPML”. Click on “Save as file” to save the file to your hard drive.

3. Import. Log into Netvibes (or create a new Basic account). Click Add Content, then Add a Feed. Then click OPML Import and upload the text file you just saved.

Now all your RSS feeds have a new home at Netvibes. And it’s a really nice home:

  1. No ads, no logos. Ever.
  2. 260k+ built-in apps and feeds.
  3. Millions of active users since 2006.
  4. App and Reader Views: Switch between a real-time reader view and dashboard view.
  5. Drag-and-Follow: See a conversation on Facebook or Twitter you like? Just drag the name or hashtag out to create a new app to follow that topic.
  6. Offline Reading: Netvibes Mobile lets you read and sync articles on all your devices, even offline!
  7. Social Analytics: Get a free demo upgrade to Netvibes Premium–the most powerful brand monitoring solution on the Web.

You can also watch this quick video for a quick overview of Netvibes features.

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